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April 1, 1967: Seattle’s First Be-In

It was 50 years ago today — no joke: Seattle’s first “happy happening for hippies.” Jeff Stevens histories you with paisley chiaroscuro video.
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August 31, 1968: Sky River Rock Festival

Woodstock was not the first historic rock music festival: it was preceded by the Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair, organized in Seattle and staged near Sultan, Washington. Jeff Stevens histories you counterculturally.
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December 13, 1962: KRAB Goes on the Air

Seattle’s counterculture has always owed much of its growth to prescient people who have come here from elsewhere, bringing new ideas and energy to our otherwise deeply parochial city.
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March 23, 1967: The Cocoon Breaks, the Helix Emerges

Seattle has a long history of local alternative newspapers, some better than others, all vital in the collective process of stirring the complex pot of a healthy local media scene. Most, if not all, of the past four decades’ worth of such endeavors owe a great debt to Helix, the groundbreaking chronicler of Seattle’s counterculture whose debut issue was published on the date in focus here.
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